2899BTU Portable Air Conditioner


Look to this unit to cool your bedroom without keeping you up at night. BougeRV 2899BTU Quiet Portable RV Air Conditioner is quieter than other portable air conditioners and takes less power to run for your cool summer. 15 seconds from opening it to get cool wind from it. It's the perfect choice to start your Van life, use in a camping tent, outdoor activities, and indoor supplements.
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Product Description

12V 37 Quart protable Fridge with real dual zone
12V 37 Quart protable Fridge with app control
12V 37 Quart protable Fridge with app control


--Uses a high-quality Panasonic compressor
--No installation work required
--Convenient Carrying with compact size
--With a simple control on the panel


It can be connected to AC 100~220V home power supply with equipped 360W AC adapter. When you are outside, you can connect it to the portable power station or generator. Do not use a car battery or power inverter to run the air conditioner, otherwise, the battery will be drained or the fuse will be blown.

12V 37 Quart protable Fridge with compressor technology

Perfect Cooling Solution for Your Outdoor: 

--Rapid cooling the temperature of the space down to 60°F in just a few minutes.
--With high airflow output, the chilled air delivers instantly to corners of a room up to 54 Sq, Ft.

Convenient & Portable:

--Equipped with Ergonomic Handle & Compact Size (23.03*9.06*13.27 in) that offers great mobility.
--The portability of this air conditioner makes it ideal to use in camping tents, RVs, Van, trailers, and any other places you need to beat the heat.


The sucked air is divided into the cold air and hot air inside the main body. Cold air escapes from the outlet and warm air escapes from the exhaust port.


Easy-to-read monitor and easy-to-operate switch. The temperature can be finely set from 60℉ to 80℉ in 34℉ increments.
Note: Long press the “M” button to switch the temperature unit between °C and °F


Adopted Panasonic compressor, which is more durable, quieter than other products, and has a high cooling capacity. Powerful cold air makes you cool and comfortable! Note: Due to the built-in compressor, the driving noise is 45-65dB depending on the driving mode.


The three-stage air volume of light wind, weak wind, and strong wind can be switched.

12V 37 Quart protable Fridge with 3 level Battery protection