Yuma 200W CIGS Thin-film Flexible Solar Panel


Flexible. Rollable. A Complete 360° revolution has occurred with CIGS innovation, allowing solar cells to be shaped in more creative ways than ever before. The 200 Watt Thin-Film solar panels may be put on any surface, no matter how curved, bumpy, or arced it is. This would be the beginning of an entirely new travel chapter!
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Product Description 

Why choose BougeRV CIGS Flexible Solar Panel?

  • ★【CIGS Technology】Copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) is a thin-film solar cell technology. Unlike silicon-based solar cells, the CIGS thin-film solar cells are more flexible, stable, durable, light-sensitive, and last much longer. Therefore, investing in CIGS may provide you with more peace of mind and long-term benefits.
  • ★【360° Truly Flexible】Equipped with thin-film solar cells, BougeRV CIGS Flexible Solar Panel achieves truly 360-degree bendability. Thus, it achieves wider application than the crystalline semi-flexible panels or rigid panels on RV, marine, yachts, or any curved surfaces.
  • ★【Extremely IP68 Waterproof】This ETFE-coated Flexible Solar Panel is IP68 waterproof and has improved rainfall drainage to lessen the influence of partial shade. The Connectors and Junction Box are also IP68 waterproofs. Therefore, it can operate well in a damp outdoor environment while outperforming a rigid panel.
  • ★【More Stable Output】Thanks to wire-intensive CIGS tech, BougeRV CIGS Flexible Solar Panel is more stable than the monocrystalline solar panel. As a result, it will gather more energy while partly shaded or in low-light conditions.
  • ★【Lightweight & Easy Installation】The CIGS solar panels are far more convenient to carry about than their rigid counterparts since they are, on average, 70% lighter and 95% thinner. And thanks to the tape on the back, it can be easily and safely installed where you need it without drilling holes or brackets.

360° Truly Flexible

No Glass! No Crack!

The Highest Output

The Thinnest Solar Panel 

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