How Much Do CIGS Solar Panels Cost?

Sep 27, '22

CIGS (copper-indium-gallium-selenide) is the next generation of thin-film photovoltaic technology. These thin-film solar cells are equally efficient as crystalline silicon panels. This is because CIGS thin-film solar cells have a higher conversion efficiency and thus make more power out of the same amount of sunlight. If we dig more, the copper indium selenide is a semiconductor that takes part in smooth electron flow.

CIGS panels are famous for super thin and flexible design and portability hence widely used on rooftops, outdoor, boating, and camping enjoyments.  The price of these panels will vary depending on their size, quality, and brand or the manufacturer. CIGS panels are usually a bit expensive because they use a lot of rare metals. They also have a long development process that is necessary to offer a maximum absorption rate compared to other thin-film PV modules.

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How much a customer might cost?

Today, there are plenty of manufacturers of CIGS solar panels. As a result, the prices of CIGS solar panels vary greatly depending on which manufacturer a person chooses and the rating of the panel. Usually, thin film panels cost around $2.8 to $2.9 per watt. There are also other things involved that contribute to the total cost of a PV module. Let's continue this journey and explore all about the cost of CIGS panels.

The price of a CIGS solar panel varies according to the number of panels and the size of the panel. The number of panels also affects the overall cost. If you have more than one panel, the cost will be more. It is wise to compare prices before buying a panel. 

Elements to affect the cost of CIGS solar panel

CIGS solar panels are the type of thin film PV modules that are ruling over the market of solar right now. In a very short period, they earned a remarkable reputation among PV lovers. Some factors that contribute to the overall cost of CIGS panels are the following.

Cost of production:

CIGS panels are manufactured in high precision PV manufacturing facility, and the amount of capital investment required for establishing the plant and manufacturing the panel is high. As a result, the costs of production increase. The fabrication process is complex, time taking, and demands next-level accuracy to produce highly efficient PV modules and all this belongs at a bit higher cost.

Rating of CIGS solar panel and manufacturer:

CIGS panels are the new and modern types of panels, they're the next generation solar PV technologies equipped with thin film technology. BougeRV is one of the companies that produce high-tech CIGS panels in different ratings as per customers' needs and budgets. BougeRV 100W flexible solar panel (CIGS) costs around $289 and if you buy from another supplier/manufacturer, the cost will vary.

PV component quality:

One of the major things that develop the cost of PV modules is the quality of the components used. The panels manufactured today are expensive because of the cost of manufacturing and also the costs of materials like copper, indium, gallium, and selenium. So, manufacturers are trying to develop ways to reduce costs while improving Cell-level reliability.

Flexibility and effortless installation:

One of the essential factors that affect the cost of the CIGS solar panel is the flexibility and ease of installation. Flexibility means the ability of a solar panel to bend or fold into a different shape like the BougeRV CIGS panels that are truly flexible with 360-degree movement. An ideal CIGS panel will bend without breaking and must be rigid enough to stand on its own. Ease of installation means that it can be placed on top of any roof without drilling, cutting holes, or a heavy steel structure. 

Tax Incentives and rebates:

No doubt the solar system cost is high but you may lessen it with tax credits available. The federal govt and many states in the US provide state-level tax incentives for residential and commercial solar installations. If you are interested in installing solar panels, you should check with your local utility company about rebates. They will pay you for the energy you produce and they will also give you a tax credit. Tax credits have a huge impact on your solar system investment.

Other things you need to consider

Before purchasing a solar panel enquire about the warranty period, the amount of energy produced by the panel, the life expectancy of the panel, and the cost of installation. You should ask yourself if your roof can handle the weight of the solar panel. It is also important to consider the type of materials used to make the solar panel and the design of the panel. Some other things are as follows that would also take part in the whole solar system costing and always your overall budget is varied depending upon them.

  • The installation cost/labor cost
  • Your overall budget allocated for solar
  • The cost of the whole Solar Panels system varies by State
  • Size, Weight, And Number of PV Panels
  • How much energy (kW) does your household uses
  • The efficiency of panels (less efficient panels are always cheap)

Are the CIGS Solar Panel Worth it?

There are two primary reasons why a homeowner or business installs a CIGS solar system. The first one is the huge energy savings. These Solar systems will reduce your energy bills by over 80%. The second reason is that solar panels are highly portable and environmentally friendly. Solar energy is clean, and renewable, and does not create CO2 emissions. 

BougeRV provides panels that are worth it

The BougeRV CIGS panels are designed to fit perfectly into the existing roof of your house. The system can be installed on most kinds of roofs even on curved surfaces. Our flexible PV modules are designed to withstand strong winds and rain with IP68 protection and can stand on their own. This system is made of quality materials and designed to last. They are easy to install and their amazing 360-degree extreme flexibility is worthwhile that makes the customer's choice.

What do CIGS Solar Panels Offer?

Most lighter and more portable design

CIGS is based on thin film technology, so they are highly flexible and lightweight. The CIGS modules use a lot less material than the traditional crystalline silicon. This makes them extremely lightweight (70% lighter and 95% thinner than crystalline panels) and highly portable, you can fold, carry and use them in abandoned outdoors without any hassle.

More Stable Output

CIGS solar panels are known for their high efficiency. This is why they are suitable for high-performance solar PV systems with the most stable DC output. Stable output is best suitable for sensitive electronics gadgets and laptops so highly recommended for that.

Longer lifespan than flexible monocrystalline

These modules have a longer lifespan than monocrystalline ones. This is why they are a good option for those who need high energy production and they also want excellent ROI. This is why CIGS are being used as roof-mounted PV modules or travel companions backed with 20 years warranty.

Good appearance

Wonderful aesthetics and appealing appearance make them look great in any setting. Their appearance is perfect and they offer excellent value for money. We believe that this is one of the main reasons why so many homeowners have opted for the CIGS solar PV system. 


CIGS is the most suitable for rooftop installations, RV, and boating activities because of its light weight, flexibility, durability, and ability to create a smooth power output when installed. With our CIGS modules, we will help you to maximize the energy benefits of your solar power system. In the market, the cost of a 6kW thin film system starts from $6000 and can be higher depending upon quality and efficiency. At BougeRV, we guarantee that whatever you spend on our solar panels, you'll get maximum efficiency than any other panel on the market.

Would like to explore more about CIGS solar panels? Check out BougeRV CIGS Solar Panel 101 and get inspired!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a 100W CIGS panel?

The cost of 100 watt CIGS solar panel offered by BougeRV is $289. We offer highly competitive rates that are truly justified as per the current solar market.

How to minimize the cost of the CIGS solar system?

A CIGS solar cell will generate electricity with almost the same efficiency compared to a conventional silicon solar cell. It has also a competitive cost. However, this cost could be minimized with some kind of incentives and federal tax credits. 

Will I get value for money?

Yes, we offer solar panels at the best price on the market. We have various models and ratings to suit everyone’s requirements. The best part is that we do not compromise on the quality of our solar panels. So, whenever you need to buy solar panels, we are the best option to get the best value for money.

How much power can CIGS panels generate?

Panel power is directly proportional to the current rating of the panel. The rated wattage is usually written next to the panel's name. A 100W, 200W CIGS solar panel can be used to get the required power output to run your appliance or electronic gadgets.

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