What are solar panels made of

The stuff that is used to build the cells for solar panels is almost solar panels themselves. Within the process of constructing solar panels, six different components are assembled cooperatively to build a working solar module.

What is Monocrystalline Solar Panel?

A monocrystalline solar cell is a type of solar cell that uses a single crystal of silicon as its semiconductor material. This type of solar cell has the highest efficiency in converting light into electricity.

how to install solar panels on roof

That will help you to finalize the best suitable system for you and to ask the right questions in negotiating the contract with the solar supplier or installer.

are commercial solar panels worth it

To learn more about whether commercial solar panels are a good fit for your company, read our guide and decide whether to use them in the commercial field.

Battery Banks for Solar PV Systems

Based on high-tech research and development, we proudly claim that BougeRV LiFePO4 batteries are one of the best choices for building your solar battery bank

Learn Hub: CIGS Solar Panel 101

For many years, conventional solar panels were the only way to generate solar energy. These panels were typically bulky and heavy, meaning they could only be used in a limited number of places.

However, there is now a technological update in solar panels, and cigs solar panels have emerged. CIGS or Copper Gallium Indium Di-selenide compound is used in CIGS solar cells, sandwiched between conductive layers. These PV panels are copper indium gallium selenide solar cells, sometimes called CIGS solar panels.

CIGS solar panels are a lot thinner than crystalline silicon cell panels. Also, it has no glass or metal frame, unlike silicon crystalline solar panels. That makes it six times lighter. Some CIGS solar panels are 360 degrees flexible. 100W or 200W flexible CIGS solar panels from BougeRV can be fitted on any curved surface like roof tiles or shingles, sun-facing walls, or windows of our house. 

It's time to start thinking about portable uses. Take a look at what you can do with these amazing panels. Suppose you're looking to power a laptop, cellphone, or a mini gadget. In that case, you might think to get a solar panel that's as big as a wall, but luckily CIGS panels work perfectly for all your outdoor needs.

cigs solar panelcigs solar panels

Use CIGS solar technology to make the solar cells; they are sealed, durable, and lightweight in a polymer sheet that gives the shingle its shape and color. It provides the possibility for your family. Generate solar energy without installing a conventional rooftop PV system, and enjoy renewable energy while maintaining aesthetics.

how do cigs solar panels work

Thin film solar cells, also known as TFS, are a type of solar cell made up of thin layers of photovoltaic materials deposited on glass and plastic substrates.

CIGS solar panel system

The CIGS solar cell has a series of semiconductor layers of different properties stacked in order. These thin films are deposited onto a substrate which is then used to create solar panels.

cigs solar panels vs monocrystalline flexible panels

Monocrystalline solar panels have occupied the market to a large extent in the world of solar power. They are well admired for their high efficiency, durable design, and great value for money.

how much do cigs solar panels cost

Usually, thin film panels cost around $2.8 to $2.9 per watt. There are also other things involved that contribute to the total cost of a PV module. Let's continue this journey and explore the cost of CIGS panels.

cigs solar panels for camping

The CIGS solar cell has a series of semiconductor layers of different properties stacked in order. These thin films are deposited onto a substrate which is then used to create solar panels.

why cigs solar panels are best suitable for boats

The flexible nature of the CIGS solar panel makes it suitable for boats' curved surfaces. CIGS panels are easy to install. Almost plug-and-play without any installation hassles.

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"Solid and a great value. The 180 Watt panels are solid performers and are not difficult to move around to capture the best sunlight. I lean them against the house. These are far more affordable than fold-up panels, and perform better. Try them, you’ll like them."


"I am happy with this panel. It outputs good power. I got 164 watts. The fold-out 100 watt panel I had been using rarely output more than 65 watts, so this BougeRV panel is more than twice as powerful. It is not meant to be portable, but is not difficult to move. I will likely buy another and connect them for 300+ watts, since my solar power bank can handle that amount of input. At this price it is a great value."

"We want RV and off-grid lovers to enjoy a more modern and fulfilling outdoor life experience. Not only by bathing under the sun, but also by using solar energy to power modern outdoor appliances and more. Make your outdoor life more colorful with solar-powered electricity. "

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