Camping Labor Day Weekend 2023: Best Places To Camp & Tips!

Aug 23, '23
A man cooling food using BougeRV portable refrigerator for Labor Day weekend Camping

Labor Day weekend unofficially marks the end of summer for many people, even though the Fall Equinox and the official first day of autumn are still weeks away. Millions of Americans will head out of town over the long weekend to enjoy camping in the great outdoors. Before you gas up the motorhome and hit the road, check out our top places for Labor Day camping and some of the best tips we’ve learned from our customers. 

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  • BougeRV Can Help You Get Ready

    BougeRV portable refrigerator and lightweight portable power station for Labor Day RV camping

    The most coveted RV spots at any campground are the ones with electrical hookups, water, and sewer connections. It is also true that you will find some of the most beautiful campsites in the country are far from the beaten path and the power grid. We specialize in outfitting RVs for off-the-grid camping and we have everything you need to make your rig self-sufficient. 

    BougeRV’s selection of solar panel charging options includes a wide range of sizes and styles. From traditional PV fixed panel designs to the latest in flexible solar panels, you’ll find the perfect off-grid power solution for your RV at

    We’ve even got an entire line of products focusing on providing solutions to common problems, such as portable air conditioners and refrigerators. Adding these appliances to your camping trip can make an upgrade in comfort and help create memories that will last a lifetime. 

    The Best Places To Camp Labor Day Weekend

    Labor Day weekend is one of the most popular camping weekends of the year and some 25 million Americans will brave the wild over the weekend. With millions of people competing for campsites, many of the most popular destinations are booked months or years in advance. Last-minute camping planners will want to know what options are available when all of the popular places are booked up. 

    We’ve got a few places we want to share with you that are excellent destinations for Labor Day weekend camping when the other places are booked up. Instead of giving you specific campsites in a list, we are going to offer a few ideas for campsites in different parts of the country based on geography. 

    The Beach

    BougeRV portable power station & refrigerator& portable solar panel for Labor Day beach camping

    Nothing says the end of summer quite like a barbecue at the beach with the sounds of the surf rolling in and seagulls cawing overhead. Camping at the beach for Labor Day weekend can be tricky because of the popularity of most campsites. There are some ways you can get creative and have an epic beach camping experience. 

    California is famous for its sandy beaches, but getting a camping spot for an RV on Labor Day weekend is almost impossible without reservations. Instead of heading to San Diego or Los Angeles, let your wheels take you north and you’ll find an entirely different California coastline that is just as beautiful and dramatic, but a lot less traveled. One of our favorite labor day camping spots in California is Gualala Beach in Sonoma County.  

    Texas is another state that has famous beaches which often fill up, but some of the more rural areas, like Mustang Island, often have openings even on Labor Day weekend. Getting away from the crowds around popular locations like South Padre Island will offer a more peaceful and relaxing experience.

    Car camping on Labor Day weekend near a lake with BougeRV portable solar panel and refrigerator

    Camping at the beach doesn’t always mean being on the ocean. In fact, some of the best beach camping experiences happen on the shores of lakes and rivers. While just a handful of states have ocean coastlines, every one of them has lakes, reservoirs, and rivers that make for enjoyable camping spots.

    You’ll find accessible campgrounds in Michigan and Wisconsin that will let you take advantage of the last days of summer and a relatively uncrowded destination. One of our favorite spots is Silver Lake State Park in Michigan where the natural beauty is made even better by the impressive sand dunes where you can ride your ATV on. 

    The Mountains

    White Mountains in New Hampshire-excellent for camping on the Labor Day weekend

    One of the best ways to get away from the crowds on Labor Day is to head for the mountains. Fewer campers flock to the mountains at this time of the year, which means you’ll find ample camping locations and total serenity. 

    The White Mountains in New Hampshire are perfect for Labor Day. You will find this incredibly scenic destination open and available before the trees begin to change colors and the tourists flock to the state. There are dozens of places to camp in New Hampshire and Maine along the White Mountains.

    California’s Sierra Nevada mountains are an immensely popular destination, particularly if you are looking for camping and hiking opportunities in Yosemite National Park. Traveling south toward Kings Canyon State Park and Sequoia National Park will open up opportunities for RV camping in some of the most majestic mountains on the planet. 

    The Desert

    Anza Borrego State Park-great for car camping, off-roading, and hiking on Labor Day Weekend

    Camping in the desert isn’t for everyone, but if you are into dune buggies, ATVs, and motorcycles, you will likely find yourself drawn to some of the most epic desert wonderlands. Our favorite spot of all time is Red Rock in Utah where the natural beauty is only equaled by the intense off-roading opportunities. 

    California’s southern desert is home to Anza Borrego State Park. This is an excellent place for off-road driving and ATVs but also makes for a memorable hiking destination. Many of the deep canyons feature natural hot springs that create a little oasis amidst the cactus and palms.

    The Grand Canyon in Arizona is a popular spot this time of the year, so it might not be possible to get a campsite. Instead, try checking out Manti-La Sal National Park farther to the north. This region boasts some incredible desert views and rugged canyons, particularly around the area of the Spanish Trail RV Park and Campground. 

    The River

    River camping spot for Labor Day weekend

    One of the best spots you’ll find for Labor Day weekend will be campgrounds near rivers. Rivers don’t tend to be as popular as the beach but still offer tons of fun in the sun. The Colorado River south of Lake Mead is a popular destination, but there are thousands of rivers you can explore, many right in your own back yard.

    The Rogue River in Oregon is one of our favorite destination spots for Labor Day Weekend camping. The river has jet boat tours, excellent fishing, and the opportunity to spot our National Bird, the American Bald Eagle. Temperatures are generally cool this time of the year, a big plus for folks trying to escape the heat of summer. 

    Hocking Hills RV Park is one of the most amazing camping sites we have found when looking for camping on Labor Day weekend in Ohio. Several different camping regions are available, many of which offer full RV hookups, river views, and access to hiking trails that take you to spectacular waterfalls and hidden caves. 

    Tips For Camping On Labor Day Weekend

    Planning ahead is always important and making a reservation for your favorite spot is the best way to guarantee you get the camping location you want. If you are already too late for reservations, fear not. We’ve compiled a few tips that will make it easy for you to take advantage of the long weekend. 

    Go Wild

    BougeRV portable refrigerator and portable solar panel for primitive camping on Labor Day weekend.png

    Instead of heading to one of the more popular destinations in the hope of snapping up a “first-come” parking spot, look around at some of the less common spots. Many wildlife areas are managed by counties and the Bureau of Land Management and provide opportunities for primitive camping.

    That means you are likely to be off the beaten path a bit, typically without electricity and water, so plan ahead. A solar panel solution can provide the power you need to to upgrade your comfort camping at these locations. These destinations often offer stunning views of unspoiled land which can be a magical experience. 

    Gear Up

    A woman opening up a BougeRV’s portable refrigerator for camping

    Even if you are headed to a developed campground, it is a good idea to have your gear in order. We always recommend that you bring bottled water, even when you have water hookups.

    We’ve heard too many stories over the years where water became a critical element. You should have one gallon per person, per day. The same goes for food but to a lesser extent. Since many campgrounds are far from stores, you should make a list of all the food you intend to bring and cook. This way, you know you have plenty and you don’t forget anything. A portable refrigerator can offer additional cooled food storage space when you need it. 

    Have An Open Mind

    Popular camping destinations tend to be in very beautiful places, but you can find incredibly amazing scenery in some of the least expected places. It is common to find RV parks and other camping opportunities near major destinations. These spots are often easier to get in at the last minute.

    There are lots of places that are quite beautiful to experience that just don’t make it into the travel magazines and blogs, and you might even find that camping in the desert is more fun than going to the beach. Having an open mind about where you are willing to camp will open up lots of possibilities!

    Make Friends

    Camping with new friends and using BougeRV Flash 300 portable power station on Labor Day

    One solution for handling crowded campsites on Labor Day weekend is to make friends with people who are camping. Sometimes, the campground will allow you to pitch a tent in the camping space or even double up parking when there is enough room. It never hurts to ask to share space with another group and make friends along the way. You can offer to pay all or part of the camping fee, cook and clean, or share the use of your power station


    RV camping on Labor Day weekend is a popular activity, but it can also be frustrating because so many other people are doing the same thing. 

    Finding less popular spots can lead to a better camping experience, but you need the right gear. One of the smartest things you can add to any RV or boat is a solar power generator. These devices let you use your favorite appliances and make sure that you aren’t running down the chassis or engine battery which can leave you stranded. Being prepared is the best tip we can give you. 

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