Complete Family Camping Guide-Tips for a More Enjoyable Trip

Apr 14, '23
Camping trips are better with family. But bringing the whole gang can turn a simple camping weekend into a major expedition. If you’re stressed and looking for guidance, this article should help.

Below, we cover the best tips and tricks for family camping. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Taking Your Family Camping is Worth It?

A Family Camping Trip

Some parents hesitate to take the whole family camping because of how complicated it can be to do so. But there’s also never been a more important time to take the family out to experience the great outdoors.

We all use more electronics than ever. Camping is an opportunity to get kids away from their screens and show them how much fun it can be to get out, participate in outdoor hobbies, and get some fresh air. 

Plus, camping trips are a great bonding experience. Families stay in close quarters and don’t have to deal with their usual responsibilities. This is the perfect opportunity to come together, share some laughs, and become even closer. 

The bottom line is that although family camping comes with some challenges, it’s still more than worth taking these trips for the unique experiences and benefits they offer.

Tips for a Better Family Camping Trip

Now that we’ve covered what makes family camping worth doing, here are some tips to get more out of your next trip.

Bring a Portable Power Station

Having a source of portable power while camping with kids is a game-changer. You’ll be able to recharge all of your electronics and run outdoor appliances to bring some added comfort and convenience to your trip. 

Investing in a portable power station is the best way to get the energy you need while camping. These can be charged with portable solar panels, in the car, or in a standard wall outlet before you leave.

Have Plenty of Entertainment Options Available

A Campfire with the Family

One big reason to invest in a portable power station is that it really opens up your kids’ entertainment options. You’ll have the option of showing family movies at night once you’re finished at the campfire. 

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll want to bring lots of games, toys, and other entertainment options so that your kids always have something to do during downtime.

This includes things like bubbles, pool noddles, and even sidewalk chalk. The more entertainment options you bring, the easier it will be for your kids to find something they want to do during any part of the day.

Consider Fun Projects to Do Together

It could also be a good idea to plan out some fun projects or lessons that you want to teach your kids while camping. These can really enrich the camping experience. 

For example, you could show your kids how to make their own fishing poles with a stick and some string. Or, you could hunt for signs of animals together and use the chance to teach your kids about wildlife. 

When you go family camping with some objectives like this, it gives the days a bit more structure and helps to keep the kids from getting bored.

Bring Plenty of Bug Repellent and Sunscreen

This one may go without saying, but it’s worth reiterating: you need bug repellent and sunscreen to keep your kids comfortable. 

If you don’t use both of these regularly, you could very easily end up with cranky kids who don’t feel comfortable enough to enjoy the camping trip you’ve planned.

Make Sure You Have Enough Blankets and Pillows

One of the main challenges of camping with the family is making sure that everyone is comfortable at night. If even one person has a tough time falling asleep, it could keep everyone up and ruin the next day.

That’s why it’s better to overpack pillows and blankets rather than not packing enough of these.

Do Some Cooking Beforehand

Cooking for the whole family can be a challenging and time-consuming task while camping. One way to simplify this is by doing some cooking beforehand.

You can make meals like stew, chili, and even pasta at home. Then, when you go camping, all that you’ll need to do is heat the ready-made meals up instead of having to do all of the prep work while you’re outdoors. 

You can store these meals in a standard cooler or invest in an outdoor refrigerator that runs on solar power.

Bring Medicine and First Aid Supplies

When you’re camping with kids, it’s especially important to make sure you have medicine and first aid supplies with you. 

You take your kids camping so that they can explore the outdoors and get active. If they start to feel sick or get a scrape while doing this, you want to have the supplies on hand to make them feel better as soon as possible. 

You should bring a: 

  • First aid kit
  • Cold medicine
  • Nighttime sleep medicine (to help them fall asleep)
  • Allergy medication
  • Any special medicine your family uses

Get More Out of Family Camping Trips with BougeRV

Hiking with the Family

Camping with the family can be a lot of fun and will create many wonderful memories for your kids. If you follow the tips we’ve provided above, then you’ll be able to get as much out of these trips as possible while minimizing the challenging parts. 

One of the single most effective actions you can take to get more out of family camping trips is bringing a portable power station with you. BougeRV offers a wide variety of affordable, powerful power stations that are perfect for family camping trips. 

Take a look at our website to learn more about the different products we offer for camping.

Family Camping Frequently Asked Questions

How old do my kids need to be to go camping?

Many families say it’s never too early to take a kid on their first camping trip. But this is a matter of preference. There’s no right or wrong answer; you can simply take your kids camping whenever you feel that they’re ready for this kind of experience.

That being said, a baby won’t be able to get much out of a camping trip. So, if you’re going to go through the trouble and financial costs of planning a family camping trip, it may be better to wait until your kids are at least toddlers.

Are family camping trips more affordable than other trips?

Yes, camping with your family is typically a more affordable option than other kinds of trips. Spots at campgrounds are usually much cheaper than hotels and AirBNBs. 

Plus, when you go camping with your kids, your main source of entertainment will be the outdoors, which is entirely free. You won’t be spending all of your money on attractions and tourist spots – or even restaurants, for that matter.

How long should my family camping trip be?

It’s smart to start the family off with a camping trip lasting between two and three days. This is enough time to enjoy the location you visit without being so long that it leads to bored kids.

That being said, if your kids enjoy their first camping experience, you can always schedule a longer trip next time. It’s just better to work them up to longer camping outings instead of starting with them.

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