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How Does Solar Power System Work?

A solar system can help you become electricity freedom. Here is a complete solar power system:

  • Solar Panel
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Inverter
  • Other Extended Cables, etc

Solar power are converted by luminous energy. Sun will produce radiation, commonly referred to as solar resource or sunlight. A solar panel can absorb the sunlight. When photons hit a solar cell, they release electrons from atoms. A circuit is formed if conductors are connected to the positive and negative terminals. When electrons flow through such circuits, they generate electricity.

A solar charge controller connects to solar panels, lowering the voltage and transforming it into batteries. A solar panel's electricity will store in the batteries, and an inverter will convert DC to AC for the appliance to use. The solar panel and the controller are the most important components in the solar panel system among them. Thus, we give you some brief information for you to refer.

Electricity Demand Table

Here are list the most common appliances for daily life. You can check at here and estimate which solar panel is match your need.

Are Solar Panels worth to buy?

Before planning whether to own a solar panel or not, you should confirm your need—solar panel requirements corresponding to different user needs. 

Cost consideration

A solar panel usually can be used for 25 - 30 years, but it only takes 10 - 15years for solar panels to pay for themselves. The system may pay for itself over time, depending on where you live. Research shows that owning solar panels may increase the value of your property. Not only will you enjoy clean, reliable energy, but you'll have peace of mind knowing you've made a wise investment.

Cost consideration - BougeRV
Location consideration - BougeRV

Location consideration

Suppose you're going to use the solar panel at home or your cabin. The roof is the best-recommended position to install them for less shadow and less dirt. In the Northern Hemisphere, orient fixed solar PVs to face south, as most of the sun's path is biased towards the south. The Southern Hemisphere will need to have its fixed solar PV facing north. In other words, face your solar panels in the direction of the equator.

Value consideration

 Not just from cost consideration you can get your cost recovery back. From the perspective of environment. By installing solar panels in your home, you have a green energy source that does not pollute the environment. Using solar energy reduces the stress on typical energy sources. Let you far away from the dependence on grid connection. If you are the one who love green life and wanna save the world, no need for hesitation. After all the considerations below, if you decide to join us as a environmental-friendly users. Check the following details to help you pick up a suitable solar panel to work for you.

Value consideration - BougeRV

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Solar Panel Types

Poly & Mono-crystalline Composition

Mono-crystalline solar panels contain solar cells cut from a single source of silicon. The main advantages of monocrystalline panels are higher efficiency and stylish design. Poly-crystalline solar panels are made by melting smaller pieces of silicon and mixing them into solar cells. The advantage of polycrystalline is lower price but the low effiency is also its setback. In terms of performance, a single panel is more efficient than multiple panels, which means you can fit more solar energy into a smaller space for more room.

Solar Panel Types - BougeRV
9BB & 5BB Technology

9BB and 5BB are two leading technologies used on the solar panel; their difference is the number of busbars. If the number of busbars in a single cell is 9, the module is referred to as a 9BB solar panel. In 9BB solar cells, the space between busbars is drastically reduced. This means current short length, which translates to reduced losses and better overall performance of the modules. Five busbars refer to 5BB solar cells. It's the current trend of solar panel technology in the market. Compared with 9BB, 5BB is more cost-efficiency and mature.






180W 12V Mono Solar Panel

180W Solar Panel 





2pc 200W Solar Panel

2pc 200W Solar Panel 


Excellent (400W)



400 Watt 12 Volt Solar Kit

400 Watt 12 Volt Solar Kit










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