Are Portable Power Stations Better Than Diesel Generators?

Apr 25, '22

Believe you have the same feeling that we can't live without electricity anymore. Though you might take a short trip for around 3-5 days, you can’t bear to live without electricity. Not only needed for charging devices but also a backup battery to prevent a sudden power outage.

There are two main sects in the market: diesel generators and portable power stations. Then you might be ready to pick a helper but find a problem:  Which should be the perfect one for meeting all your needs. 

What Is A Diesel Generator?

A generator is a traditional and mechanical machine that turns other forms of energy into electricity. It's usually prepared for outdoor adventure or emergency backup. However, it deeply depends on diesel. It uses high-speed running to produce electricity, it will make noise and all pollution when running. That's why more and more people will rather choose a portable power station as their new favorite.

What Is A Portable Power Station?

A portable power station usually gets power from solar panels or receives electricity from the house directly. They are larger enough for home backup and convenient enough for outside camping.

Both at home and outdoor, they can power your devices from light, laptop, CPAP, portable refrigerator, electric grill, etc. For they have enough juice to power big things for a while and can send out more electricity.


Diesel Generators vs. Portable Power Station

With the advancement of technology, it is now noticed that solar generators are gradually replacing diesel generators. What are their differences anyway?

Diesel Generators

Portable Power Station

 Diesel Generators BougeRV

 Portable Power Station BougeRV


The power generation process will make loud and disturbing noises unless you stop using it. 

Nearly Silent

The only sound a portable power station make is the fan working. 

Smelly & Air Pollution

For burning diesel to provide energy, the diesel will release waste gas, which is smelly and pollute the environment. 

Zero Emissions

A portable power station usually grabs power from the sun. All the by-product it produces is electricity. 

Only For Outdoors

Traditional generators are mainly used for outdoor construction, field activities, emergency power supply, etc. 

Safely Use Indoors

Portable power stations are mainly for personal use; people can use at anywhere, for camping or at the house. 

Expensive fuel and oil

The housework of a diesel generator is fuel and oil, and it takes continuous money. 

Recharged with solar for free

There is no need to worry about your portable power station walkout; as long as there is a sun, you can charge from the sun.

Our Portable Power Station

BougeRV Protable Power Station

Good news! BougeRV portable power station is the ideal way for outdoor and house. Our mission is to provide you with green energy everywhere. Believe me, it's time for you to find a clean, convenient solar solution. 

What our 1100Wh portable power station can provide is:

① Amazing 1500+ Cycle Recharge Ability

Our portable power station can reach up to 1500+ recharging times with square aluminum shell lithium material. Same price to get capable of double-time power station.

② Mighty One for All Ability

We stand from the customer's view, only take with one energy storage power supply, 10 devices can be charged at a time. Your fun of cooking and family gathering can come true simultaneously.

③ Control everything at hand

The portable power station can display its working status of input& output power, charging, and battery condition.

④ Low noise, sleep well 

The portable power station allows you to have a sweet dream, even charging it for the whole night. 

⑤ Easy to carry

The metal exterior only gives this portable power station its sturdiness rather than its bulk. 

What Can a Portable Power Station Run

A portable power station can run for small electric devices and appliances. As long as the power of the portable power station is not exceeded. Range from small devices like telephones, CPAP machines, and laptops to bigger items like the TV. When you decide which type of products you want, please calculate the watt before you buy.

Attach is the electricity reference table for BougeRV portable power stations.

 portable power station need chart

Bottom Line

Are you also bothered by noisy, dirty gas generators? Get rid of it and take a portable power station right now, right here! What you’re doing is extending and upgrading your outdoor experience. We’re welcome you to check our new arrival portable power station and the special 1-on-1 service is prepared for you.



Is a portable power station worth it?

Yes, a portable power station is totally worthy. Not to mention you are always staying in outdoors. A good quality portable power station is portable and good to use.


What are portable power stations good for?

Not like a general generator, the portable power station is nearly silent and has zero emissions. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Both your reliable backup power and strong energy supplier for camping.


How long does a portable power station last?

A portable power station can last from 2 to 12 hours but basically depends on its capacity, battery condition, and the power of appliances.


How many years does a portable power station last?

The lifespan of a portable power station depends on these factors——what material it is made of, how often to use it, and how to maintain it.

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