5 Best BougeRV Mini Refrigerators to Buy This Black Friday (+ Buying Guide)

Nov 25, '22

Looking for the best and cheapest portable fridge this Black Friday? Your search is over. Here are 5 of the best mini refrigerators at great discounts!

Make your outdoor trips even more convenient with a high-quality portable fridge where you can store your favorite snacks and drinks while enjoying the great outdoors. And there’s no better time to grab the best deals than this Black Friday.

Before we give you the list of our most recommended mini car refrigerators, check out our handy mini fridge buying guide to make a more informed purchasing decision. Enjoy shopping!

How to choose a suitable mini fridge?

Before anything else, decide what type of mini fridge you need. There are two main types of refrigeration: semiconductor and compressor refrigeration.  The main difference between the two is how they achieve cooling. Compression technology is the more recent advancement.

Thus, it’s better in terms of cooling effect. It’s also more versatile and easier to install. But energy-wise, semi-conductor refrigeration is more efficient. However, it can be more expensive and is also not very common nowadays.

Next, let's take a look at the various applications of mini refrigerators:

1. For outdoor travel

RV travel and road trips have become more and more popular these days. If you have a mini refrigerator on board, you can enjoy all kinds of fresh fruits, drinks, and even bring some frozen food for your outdoor barbecue and enjoy the beautiful sceneries as you grill and dine.

2. Indoor use

For office workers, a mini refrigerator can store drinks and food perfect for midday snacks and refreshments. It’s space-saving and has a crucial function to support a long, tiring workday. Even at home, you can use a mini fridge for your bedroom, music room, or movie/entertainment room for added convenience.

3. Drug storage

The mini refrigerator is also convenient for storing special drugs that need refrigeration, such as insulin for diabetes patients. This kind of medicine has special requirements in terms of storage.

Black Friday Sale: 5 high-quality and discounted mini refrigerators

1. 12V 30 Quart Portable Refrigerator -- original price 299.99 $, discounted price 209.99$

12V 30 Quart Portable Refrigerator can be just the perfect mini fridge for you. It can reduce the temperature to 32 ° F within 16 minutes, and it operates noise-free—you won’t even notice it when you sleep.

This BougeRV portable refrigerator in ECO mode operates in lower than 45W, and the power consumption rate in MAX mode is far lower than 1KWh per day, which is very energy-efficient. Its shockproof design is impressive, even when tilted 30° off-road, making it a great travel buddy.

You won't believe how high efficiency this brilliant travel partner is, for it can drop to 32℉ within 16 minutes. It's also your faithful friend, and you do not even notice it when sleeping due to the low noise. Take it with you, and start your journey right now!

Why choose it?

  • Uses compressor refrigeration technology to keep food fresh
  • Low power consumption and maximum energy conservation and environmental protection
  • Keeps food and beverages cool without additional ice
  • 12/24V DC technology is used, which is applicable to various types of vehicles

2. CR35 37 Quart (35L) Portable Refrigerator Freezer -- original price 429.99$, discounted price 343.99$

This durable and convenient mini refrigerator launched by BougeRV has dual zones with independent temperature control, offering a total of four options to meet your needs.

In addition to the efficient temperature control function, the CR35 37 Quart (35L) Portable Refrigerator Freezer is also equipped with APP intelligent operation. If you want to control the refrigerator remotely, you can do it with your mobile device.

This durable, portable, refrigerator freezer cools in as little as 15 minutes. The dual zones with independent temperature controls, provides 4 options to meet your needs. Stocking up on ice cream? Turn both zones into a freezer and get your ice cream home without it melting. Hosting a party? Change both zones into a fridge and chill your beverages - all without using ice. Living in a small space and using it as your primary fridge? Adjust the settings depending on your needs.

Why choose it?

  • Changes the working area of the refrigerator according to the real-time demand
  • Freezing can be completed without additional ice
  • Excellent cooling effect
  • Outstanding after-sales customer support

3. 12V 53 Quart (50L) Portable Car Freezer -- original price 399.99$, discounted price 319.99$

Grab this BougeRV mini car fridge at 20% discount!

This portable refrigerator can hold a lot of food and drinks without adding ice. Its capacity is 1.77 cubic feet or (50 liters), which is perfect for long outdoor travel.

If you turn on the ECO energy-saving mode, this 53 Quart (50L) Portable Car Freezer operates in less than 45W. Even if it runs in the MAX mode, its energy consumption is far lower than 1kwh/day. You can also use this car refrigerator on the 12/24 V DC power supply.

Feeling wet after your cooler’s ice melt? With BougeRV 53 Quart 12v portable car freezer, you don’t need to buy ice anymore! With its 45 dB low noise, you can still have a sweet dream during the night. Own it and open your fresh and free vacation!

Why choose it?

  • 45dB low noise for uninterrupted sleep
  • Equipped with a 3-level battery monitor
  • Rapid cooling technology to keep your food fresh
  • With CE and FCC certification, guaranteeing the 2-year warranty of the compressor and accessories

4. 12V 30 Quart (28L) Portable Fridge & 30 Quart Insulated Protective Cover -- original price 354.99$, discounted price 283.99$

In this year's Black Friday, BougeRV not only offers discounts for single products but also offers discounts for bundled deals. This combo (12V 30Q mini refrigerator &30Q insulation protective sleeve) originally cost $354.99 and can now be yours at $283.99.

The supplementary car refrigerator cover from this package protects your mini fridge from harsh outdoor elements such as wind and rain and also keeps it from unwanted scratches and dents.

What'more, the insulating material used in the protective cover will also make your refrigerator starter or external battery more energy-efficient. The cover is made of durable and weather-proof 600D oxford cloth, which can prevent sunlight damage, dust, and scratches.

12V 30 Quart (28L) Portable Fridge & 30 Quart Insulated Protective Cover

Why choose it?

  • Level 3 charger with battery monitor
  • Perfect fit for 12V 30 Quart (28L) Portable Fridge
  • User-friendly- you can use the fridge without having to remove the cover and flap
  • Excellent customer support

5. CR55 59 Quart Portable Fridge&Detachable Battery -- original price 98$, discounted price 567.98$

This is another combo package brought to you by BougeRV to complete your Black Friday shopping. The CR55 59 Quart Portable Fridge is equipped with removable batteries, and from 709.98$, it now costs only $567.98.

The battery is at 173wh/15600mah. When the temperature is set to - 20 ℃, it can run for 6-8 hours, which means longer use and more fun outdoors.

This battery doesn’t only power the refrigerator but also supplies power to the solar charging panel. It can be used for many purposes and is very cost-effective. It takes about 3.5 hours to fully charge with a 12V/24V adapter, about 5 hours to fully charge with a 40w C charger, and about 10 hours to fully charge with a 20w C charger.

CR55 59 Quart Portable Fridge&Detachable Battery

Why choose it?

  • Large battery capacity and long battery operation time
  • Both are equipped for awesome outdoor experience
  • The battery can be charged quickly
  • Great BougeRV customer support

Final thoughts

And that’s a wrap! What are you waiting for? Grab these awesome Black Friday deals and get your own high-quality BougeRV that can stand the test of time.

We are committed to developing and launching truly high-quality, sustainable, and customizable outdoor solutions to help outdoor travel enthusiasts get a better, more memorable outdoor experience. From solar panels to outdoor convenient appliances, we are all about helping you make the most of the world.

For more information about BougeRV's product promotions on Black Friday, visit our website: https://www.bougerv.com/. Happy shopping!