Guide To 100W Solar Panels: Benefits, Uses, And Product Recommendations

Jul 27, '23

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Portable solar panels are a great way to power small devices – whether at home as a backup source of energy or on your next adventure as a primary power source. However you choose to use them, 100W solar panels are one of the most popular products in this category. But many people don’t know much about them.

That’s why BougeRV created this guide to 100W solar panels. It covers everything you need to know about the product, including use cases, benefits, the best 100W solar panels, and more. So let’s get started.

  • What Is A 100W Solar Panel?
  • The Benefits Of A 100W Solar Panel
  • How Long Does A 100-watt Solar Panel Last?
  • 100W Solar Panel Uses
  • What Will A 100-watt Solar Panel Run?
  • 6 Common Questions About 100W Solar Panels
  • How Much Is A 100w Solar Panel?
  • Is A 100-Watt Solar Panel Worth Buying?
  • Buy The Best 100W Solar Panel From BougeRV
  • How To Use A 100-watt Solar Panel?
  • Why Choose BougeRV?
  • Conclusion
  • 100W Solar Panels FAQs 
  • What Is A 100W Solar Panel?

    Friends enjoying BougeRV 100W solar panels on the beach

    A 100W solar panel is a compact clean energy generation device that you can bring with you on the go. There are thin-film flexible 100W solar panels that fit on your car or camper, as well as standard 100W solar panels that look like a smaller version of the solar panels people put on their homes.

    What Does A 100w Solar Panel Mean?

    A 100W solar panel has a power output of 100 watts, which means it can create 100W DC electricity every hour. When we talk about 100W solar panels, it’s important to note that this just refers to the panels themselves. You can connect a battery or a power station to a 100W solar panel to collect the energy it generates and store it for later use. 

    How Big Is A 100-watt Solar Panel?

    100-watt solar panels are small and compact. Their exact measurement can vary based on the brand you choose, but 100W solar panels often are under four feet long and three feet wide. This makes them the perfect size for traveling and is one reason why many people use them as a primary source of energy while going camping.

    How Much Does A 100-watt Solar Panel Weight?

    Most 100W solar panels are 20 pounds or less. Many are also foldable or flexible so you can fit them in compact backpacks if you want to bring a source of power with you while backpacking through the wilderness. This is also helpful if you need to fit a solar panel in a tightly-packed car.

    The Benefits Of A 100W Solar Panel

    There are several key benefits you can look forward to when purchasing a 100W solar panel. The first is having a reliable source of portable power. Your 100W solar panel can give you the energy to charge your cell phone or smartwatch, run a fan, or power a small fridge for a short period no matter where your travels take you.

    100W solar panels are also cost-effective. They’re priced more affordably than larger solar panels so you can get the energy you need without having to pay extra for size.

    How Long Does A 100-watt Solar Panel Last?

    Portable solar panels can last as long as 25 years if maintained properly. So the panels you invest in today may be the only ones you need until much superior technology is released.

    On a daily basis, you can expect your 100-watt solar panel to create about 400 - 450 watts of power per day. That’s enough to charge a laptop for seven hours or use two electric fans for the same amount of time.

    100W Solar Panel Uses

    You can use a 100W solar panel for many different things. This includes:

    1. Charging devices like laptops, smartphones, cameras, and drones
    2. Powering small household appliances and lighting systems
    3. Powering small appliances in RVs and caravans
    4. Charging marine batteries while boating
    5. Bringing power to your campsite
    6. Running off-grid applications in rural cabins and sheds (you may need several 100W solar panels to run all of your appliances)
    7. Backup source of power at home during power outages
    8. Solar-powered water pumps

    One thing to note is that the amount of power your 100W solar panel generates will depend on the amount of sun it receives. So some of these applications may be easier than others on days when the sun isn’t so bright.

    If you want to be able to use solar power on the go when the sun isn’t shining, consider investing in a portable power station. They can store the energy your solar panel generates so you can use it later on demand – even when the sun isn’t out.

    What Will A 100-watt Solar Panel Run?

    Using BougeRV 100-watt solar panel, portable power station, and potable fridge for beach camping

    You can use a 100-watt solar panel to run many different electronics. This is a list that includes:

    *WiFi routers
    *Chargers for cell phones and laptops
    *LED light bulbs
    *A small fridge for several hours
    *A small camping stove

      The bottom line is that most small appliances can be run with a 100W solar panel. The only question is for how long, which will depend on the amount of power that they consume and the amount that your solar panels generate based on the amount of sun they capture.

      6 Common Questions About 100W Solar Panels

      If you’ve got more questions about 100W solar panels, we’ve got answers. Here are seven additional pieces of information you may be wondering about.

      1. How many watts does a 100W solar panel produce?

      The average 100W solar panel can produce about 18 volts of power. Some may be able to do a bit more depending on conditions.

      2. How many Ah does a 100W solar panel produce?

      The average 100-watt solar panel can create about 6 amps per peak sun hour or around 30 total per day.

      3. How many watts does a 100-Watt solar panel produce?

      You can expect your 100-watt solar panel to produce between 300 and 600 watts of power per day, depending on the amount of sun it receives.

      4. How many kWh does a 100-Watt solar panel produce?

      On average, a 100-watt solar panel will produce about 1 kWh of power per day or 30Kwh/month.

      5. How much power does a 100W solar panel produce?

      The amount of power a 100W solar panel produces depends on the conditions. On an average sunny day, you can get around 90W per peak sun hour. On a cloudy day, that may dip as low as 25W per peak sun hour.

      6. How fast will a 100W solar panel charge?

      Charge times depend on battery size and weather conditions. For example, a 100-watt solar panel can charge a 12v battery in as little as four hours. But it would take about two days to fully charge a 100Ah battery.

      How Much Is A 100w Solar Panel?

      At Bouge RV, we sell 100W solar panels for as little as $150. That’s one of the lowest rates in the industry. That being said, CIGS flexible 100W solar panels tend to cost more. We sell them for under $500, but many of our competitors price them around $750. 

      Is A 100-Watt Solar Panel Worth Buying?

      Yes. Absolutely! If you enjoy spending time outdoors, purchasing a 100W solar panel can be a great way to get even more out of your adventures. They’ll help you keep your favorite devices charged so you can spend more time outside.

      100W solar panels can even be a good fit for the home. They’re a great source of backup energy and are perfect for powering things like outdoor lighting displays when you’re not using them for an adventure. 

      Plus, since solar panels can last as long as 25 years with proper maintenance, you may never need to buy another solar panel again.

      Buy The Best 100W Solar Panel From BougeRV

      If you’re interested in purchasing a 100W solar panel, look no further than BougeRV. We use the best materials in the industry and have some of the most affordable prices with multiple types of 100W solar panels to choose from. We take a closer look at these below.

      1. Yuma 100W CIGS Thin-film Flexible Solar Panel

      Unrolling the BougeRV Yuma 100W CIGS thin-film flexible solar panel

      The Yuma 100W CIGS flexible solar panel is ideal for mounting on your favorite RV with a curved roof or car. It’s designed to bend the way you need it to so you can use it in places where other solar panels won’t fit. You can even roll them up and store them for portability, which makes them a great option for adventurers who travel light. In addition to the stable output performance in shading conditions, it’s perfect for camping in the forest and shading areas.

      • Price: A$484.99-786.99
      • Size: 13.7*85.6*0.06 inches or 26*44.3*0.06 inches
      • Weight: 4.3 lbs
      • Volts: 25±5%V max. power voltage
      • Amps: 4.01±5%A max. power current 
      • Solar cells efficiency: 16%

      2. 100W 9BB Mono Solar Panel

      BougeRV 100W 9BB rigid mono solar panels on the ground

      If you’re looking for a more traditional 100W solar panel for fixed installation, our 9BB Mono solar panel could be just what you want. It’s made with premium 9BB monocrystalline cells, which deliver better conversion efficiency and more power to your favorite devices. With a sturdy aluminum frame, BougeRV 9BB Mono solar panel can handle even the toughest conditions.  

      • Price: $139.99
      • Size: 39.17 x 21.26 x 1.38 inches
      • Weight: 16.97 lbs
      • Volts:18.15±3% V max. power voltage
      • Amps: 6.11±3%A short circuit current Isc
      • Solar cells efficiency: 21.9%

      3. 100W 12V 9BB Portable Solar Panel

      BougeRV portable 100W solar panel and portable power station on the beach

      BougeRV’s 100W 12V 9BB portable solar panel is a highly compact option that features a lightweight design without sacrificing performance. It takes advantage of our most advanced technology to deliver optimal power no matter where your travels take you.

      • Price: $239.99
      • Size: 42.6x25.8x1.4 inches (unfolded) and 21.2x25.8x2.5 inches(folded)
      • Weight: 10.1 lbs
      • Volts:19.8 V max. power voltage
      • Amps: 5.05 A max. power current 
      • Solar cells efficiency: 23%

      4. Paso 100W CIGS Portable Solar Blanket

      Two men camping with BougeRV Paso 100W portable solar panel and BougeRV 12V refrigerator

      Our Paso 100W CIGS portable solar blanket is a lightweight, foldable 100W solar panel that’s perfect for backpacking, hiking, camping, RV trips, tents, and even the water. It features a built-in charge controller to protect your devices from overheating. And it’s also ultimately compact and transportable so it’s easy to bring with you on your most ambitious adventures.

      • Price: $459.99
      • Size: 52.5*42.4*0.06 inches (unfolded) and 14.1*10.6*1.2 inches(folded)
      • Weight: 4.9 lbs
      • Volts:15.1 V max. power voltage
      • Amps: 6.7 A max. power current
      • Solar cells efficiency: 14.5%

      How To Use A 100-watt Solar Panel?

      Using a 100-watt solar panel is a straightforward process. Simply set the panel up in a sunny location, then plug the device that you want to use into it. The device will begin charging as the panels generate electricity.

      You can also plug a solar battery into a 100-watt solar panel. This will charge the battery so you can access power later when the sun goes down.

      And you can discover how to use 100W solar panels from BougeRV User Manual.

      Why Choose BougeRV?

      For years, BougeRV has offered solar panels, solar accessories, and solar equipment which never lets you go out of power anywhere. Boasting high quality and efficiency, our affordable rigid and flexible solar panels at 100W, 200W, etc. are best rated by customers. Alongside quality products, we do provide

      • Endless innovative solar panels and products: Our team highly values customers' needs and demands. Supported by our talented R&D departments, we launched new monocrystalline, CIGS, and all other PV modules made of the latest technology to meet your various use each year.

      • Safe packing and free Shipping: All items are finely packed before shipping. Partnered with DHL, FedEx, and UPS, you can receive your products right to your door in a few days.

      • Quality customer service: Whatever problems you have with our products or solutions, just feel free to contact our solar experts anytime. We are always ready to help!


      The bottom line of 100-watt solar panels is that they deliver compact, affordable energy that’s ideal for outdoor adventures. But you can also use them as a backup source of power at home for small appliances and your favorite electronics – especially when they’re paired with a portable solar battery.

      At BougeRV, we sell a wide variety of 100W solar panels to ensure all of our customers can find their ideal product. Now take a look at our line of solar panels to learn more!

      100W Solar Panels FAQs

      1. What is a 100-watt solar panel good for?

      100-watt solar panels are good for your outdoor travels and work as a backup power source at home. You can charge laptops and cell phones with them and power small appliances like fans and TVs.

      2. What battery for a 100-watt solar panel?

      A BougeRV 100Ah 12V battery is a great fit for a 100-watt solar panel. It will match the solar panel’s output so you don’t spend more than you need on energy storage.

      3. What size breaker do I need for a 100-watt solar panel?

      Generally, a breaker of around 25 amps should be good for a 100-watt solar panel.

      4. What is the difference between 100W and 400w solar panels?

      The difference between 100W and 400W solar panels is the amount of power they generate. 400W solar panels are larger, which means they have more surface area for capturing the sun’s rays. This enables them to create more power faster than 100W solar panels. But they aren’t as portable.

      5. How many 100-watt solar panels to run a house?

      You would need 60 to 120 100-watt solar panels to run your house. It’s better to buy a fewer number of larger solar panels if you want a primary source of energy for your home.

      6. How many 100-watt solar panels for a 30 amp controller?

      You need between one and two 100-watt solar panels for a 30-amp controller.

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