BougeRV to Launch Flash300 Portable Power Station

Jul 26, '22

Our life can't live without power anymore. We learn that some people might meet the problem: forgetting to charge the power supply before leaving for a short trip. Engineers from BougeRV discovered the issue and decided to release a product that could fix this problem. That's how Flash 300 solar generator shows up. The Flash 300 will be released in the US on July 15, 10 PM EDT, a portable 286Wh power pack that can take out to charge and recharged via solar panels, sockets, or by your vehicles.
"If we are the solar users, and the first thing we are concerned about is how fast can my power supply be recharged again. So when we design the Flash 300, we want to build a power station real fast in the real mean," said BougeRV engineers.

fast charging power station

Not only that, some people may meet when you wake up in the morning ready to go out camping but find no electricity storage, this time you must be very alarmed because the conventional portable power station full need a few hours, but if you have a Flash 300 at home you just need to plug in the electricity, and then wash your face, brush your teeth and pack your bags.
When you are ready to turn back to find that the energy storage has been full screw on to go out and enjoy a good vacation. When you come outdoors and run out of storage power, the solar panels will be taken out of two series and two and the same can also enjoy half an hour of fast charging, no longer have to worry about the slow charging of photovoltaic problem!

Main features of Flash 300

We will tell you why it's the real fast power station——With an innovative fast charging mode, the Flash300 can charge from 0% to 90% in 30 minutes in direct AC charging mode.
    Flash 300 makes to journey, which means it easy to carry and the perfect choice for traveling. We have considered the impact of heavy storage devices on the travel experience because we use lighter materials to minimize your travel burden.
      The Flash 300 complements BougeRV's line of charging stations, making it more refined and more suitable for some of the more convenient trips, making it a reliable power source for mobile use in RV and camping to keep the basic equipment powered along the road. Power charge faster and enjoy the solar life quicker.
        To optimize portability, AC charging is performed over an industry-standard AC cable, eliminating the need for a power brick.
          Monitor charge and discharge status in real-time with the smartest LED color display. Complete control of energy storage usage without power anxiety.
            Support wireless charging. 15W wireless charging - In the era of full support for wireless charging of cell phones, this feature can not be missing.


              How to charge Flash 300

              To stay motivated and ready to go. Not only do you need to know what FLash300 does, but you also need to know how to make it work again. A variety of charging methods to meet all your needs in different scenarios.

              Flexible charge Flash300 by AC charging cable, solar energy, and car. This is especially important for those on the road or living in remote areas or experiencing limited access to power stations to charge.


              Charging time (for reference only)

              12V / 24V car charging (120W/240W): ≈2.38 hours/1 hours

              600Wmppt solar panel charging: ≈ 30min (two strings of two parallel, recommended by series)

              AC charge(600W): ≈30min


              All the output ports you will need

              Charge up to 9 devices at a time. The Flash 300 power station has two AC power outlets with 600W output. Single AC output support up to 600W, two AC at the same time the superposition can not exceed 600W; Type-C only one port support input and output 100W PD protocol, the USB port has three, two 12W, an 18W one.


              The Flash 300 can handle electronic devices for small size, short-term outdoor trips, emergencies, disasters, and other scenarios. Whether you're charging your smartphone, laptop, digital camera, or other devices, you can do it quickly, efficiently, and conveniently with the BougeRV Flash 300.


              Secure operation

              From hardware selection to software design, safety is a priority. 8 major built-in battery management systems (BMS) improve battery utilization. At the same time, we have set up 10 digital codes to facilitate self-testing and help our customers solve problems more quickly. Instead of hearing those annoying alarms when there's a security problem, you will know exactly why it goes wrong.


              About BougeRV

              BougeRV is a solar power company committed to a one-stop shop for your solar power need. Our newly launched Flash 300 portable power station is able to fit perfectly with our previous products to complete a range of electricity needs. It can fully adapt to the portable refrigerator in ECO& MAX modes. So as to meet the user's one-stop outdoor electricity need.
              We strive to develop more innovative products that optimize how people access sustainable energy and ensure a continuous supply of electricity for the home and outdoors without any impact on the environment. Please subscribe and stay tuned for our future products.

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