Sump Pump Battery Backup: Can a Portable Power Station Run a Sump Pump? 

Jul 5, '23

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Sump pumps play an important role in protecting your home from water damage. But if you don’t have yours connected to a backup source of power, you may be unable to use the pump when you need it most.

Full-scale generators can be dangerous and expensive. So you may be wondering if a portable power station can be a reliable alternative. We put together this article to let you know. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to answer the question.

  • Can A Portable Power Station Run A Sump Pump?
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  • How Long Will A Portable Power Station Run A Sump Pump?
  • What Size Portable Power Station Do I Need To Run A Sump Pump?
  • BougeRV Portable Power Station For The Sump Pump
  • Why Choose BougeRV Portable Power Stations To Power A Sump Pump?
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  • Can A Portable Power Station Run A Sump Pump?

    Yes, a portable power station can run a sump pump. However, it will only be able to do so if certain compatibility requirements are met between the pump and the generator. 

    This means you need to do some planning while purchasing these two devices if you want them to be able to work together.

    The biggest factors impacting whether or not a portable power station can run a sump pump are the following:

    • The amount of power that the sump pump needs to operate (this can vary from model to model)

    • The amount of power generated by the portable power station

    • Whether or not the voltage and frequency match

    The bottom line is that you need to find a portable power station that can output the amount of power that your sump pump needs to function. If you can do that, you can use a portable power station to run a sump pump in emergencies.

    How Much Power Is To Run A Sump Pump?

    The amount of power that you need to run a sump pump will determine the size of the portable power station that you need. The more wattage that a sump pump requires, the more powerful your portable power station will need to be to run it.

    With that in mind, the amount of power that you need to run a sump pump typically depends on the pump’s horsepower. Smaller, 1/4 horsepower sump pumps can run on about 500 - 600 watts. But sump pumps with one horsepower will typically require around 2,000 watts of power while running.

    It’s also important to note that most sump pumps use far more power when starting than they do when running. 

    Purchasing a powerful portable power station like the Fort 1500 portable power station from BougeRV will ensure that you have enough power to both start and run your sump pump in cases of emergency.

    How To Calculate Sump Pump Power Consumption?

    Using the calculator

    If you’re not sure how much power your sump pump uses, then you can often find the information online or in the product’s owner’s manual. However, you can also calculate it yourself.

    The formula for power consumption is multiplying the wattage of the product by the number of hours that you use it. For example, if you had a 150-watt television that you used for hours a day, it would consume 450 watts of energy daily.

    You can conduct the same calculations for sump pumps. Doing so can help you figure out if the portable power station you’re looking at is powerful enough for your intended applications. We’ve also included a list of sump pump types and their estimated wattages below to help you get started.

    A List of Sump Pump And Their Watts

    Sump Pump Horsepower

    Estimated Watts While Running

    Estimated Watts While Starting

    1/4 horsepower

    550 to 600


    1/3 horsepower


    1,300 to 3,000

    1/2 horsepower


    2,000 to 4,000

    3/4 horsepower



    One horsepower



    How Long Will A Portable Power Station Run A Sump Pump?

    The length of time that a portable power station runs a sump pump depends on the sump pump’s wattage consumption and the power station’s source of energy. It sounds a bit complicated, but you can figure out your length of time with a little math.

    For example, let’s say that you have a 1/4 horsepower sump pump that requires 600 watts per hour to run. If you had a portable power station, similar to the BougeRV Fort 1500 portable power station, which has approximately 1,500 watts of capacity, you could power your sump pump for about 2.5 hours (1,500 divided by 600 = 2.5).

    But that length of time represents how long you’d be able to run your sump pump with the power station’s battery alone. It’s possible to continue resupplying BougeRV power stations while you use them. This makes it possible to run sump pumps for far longer when you have an active source of power, such as the sun and some solar panels or an outlet.

    What Size Portable Power Station Do I Need To Run A Sump Pump?

    If you want to be able to run your sump pump with a portable power station, you’re going to need a powerful device with a large enough battery. These are, as you might expect, more expensive than smaller power stations. But with a little research, you should be able to find a good blend of power and value.

    We recommend choosing a portable power station like the Fort 1,500, which offers approximately 1,500 Wh. This gives you enough maximum power to start up smaller sump pumps with enough battery life to power the pump for several hours.

    BougeRV Portable Power Station For The Sump Pump

    The BougeRV Fort 1,500 is perfect for sump pumps

    BougeRV offers a variety of portable power stations and solar panels for outdoor use. We have power stations of all sizes and prices, so it’s easy to find a fit for your needs.

    That being said, we recommend choosing our newest model, the Fort 1500, if you want to be able to get battery backup for your sump pump. This portable power station is strong enough with a large enough battery to meet your sump pump’s startup energy demands and power it long enough to fix the water problem you’re experiencing.

    It can power up to 2,200W devices, and it can be fully charged in under four hours from solar power alone. The Fort 1,500 also comes with our most reliable and safe battery (LifeP04), so you can use it without worry for years to come.

    Plus, it’s not like you’ll only be able to use whatever power station you purchase for powering your sump pump. You can also take it with you while camping to power your electronics, and you’ll have a reliable source of backup power whenever the power unexpectedly goes out at your home.

    Take a look at this page to see our full line of portable power stations.

    Why Choose BougeRV Portable Power Stations To Power A Sump Pump?

    BougeRV power stations are safer to charge and last longer

    We know you have multiple options to consider when purchasing a new portable power station. But we’re confident that you won’t find a better value than BougeRV. Here are some of the biggest advantages our products have over the competition:

    • Reduced prices: Running sump pumps with portable power stations can help you save money on fuel costs. This allows you to reduce energy consumption and lower your monthly bills. What’s more, BougeRV consistently beats the competition on pricing without sacrificing power or quality. 

    • Easier to use: Our portable power stations are easier to charge and connect with a clear operation button. They are suitable for you though you don’t have the technical know-how for complex types of power generation systems.

    • Minimized maintenance: We start with high-quality materials like premium LiFePO4 batteries and quality aluminum shells to create portable power stations that last longer with less effort on your part.

    • Reduced carbon footprint: All of BougeRV’s products are designed for a clean energy future. The portable power station for the sump pump can be charged by solar panels that convert the sun to electricity. Our production process minimizes your carbon footprint even more. 

    • Safe and efficient source of power: BougeRV’s portable power stations are powerful and much safer to use than traditional generators.


      BougeRV portable power station that can run a sump pump on the desk

      So that about wraps things up. The main thing you should take away from this article is that you can power a sump pump with a portable power station. 

      Just make sure that the power station has enough wattage capacity to run the type of sump pump that you have. And, we’ve covered all the calculations you may need to make for that above. Whatever you pick, we wish you all the best in finding the perfect power station for your energy needs.


      1. Will the sump pump work without electricity?

      Sump pumps need energy to run. But you can get that energy from a portable power station that’s not connected to an outlet if your electricity goes out.

      2. How to power a sump pump without electricity?

      You typically need around 500 to 600 of wattage capacity per hour to run a small sump pump without electricity. More powerful sump pumps require more wattage capacity.

      3. How much do the best generators for sump pumps cost?

      If you want an ultra-reliable and powerful portable power station for a generator, you can expect to pay about $2,000. But BougeRV offers its Fort 1,500 for less than $1,500, which may make it the most affordable option on the market.

      4. What kind of generator do I need for the sump pump?

      You can use a BougeRV portable power station to run your sump pump. We recommend the Fort 1,500 because it’s powerful enough to run your sump pump for at least several hours.

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