3 Must Have Solar Panels

Jan 14, '20

Everyone knows that the solar panel works to produce the energy through sunlight - The more sunlight it gets, the more efficiently it produces energy.

People with solar panels have experienced a significant cut into their energy bills. The more solar panels you add up in your home, the more electric appliances you can run which ultimately help you in cutting down the usage of the grid’s power to save you good bucks. If you live in a region with an abundance of the sun shining throughout the months, the solar panels are an effective solution.

 Here I'd like to introduce 3 must solar panels to you.

1) BougeRV 100W 18V 12V Flexible Solar Panel


Run your most-needed appliances with BougeRV, thanks to its power rating of 100W connected through 18V or 12V converter and made with flexible materials that can naturally bends the panels, a unique feature that makes the panels to absorb the environmental-related damages such as direct heat and the stiffness of the panels would make it to break, and the air pressure during thunderstorms can cause damage.

Best to use for running the sewing machines, coffee-makers, washing machines, radios, laptops to keep running with the AC power all the time and get it charged as well. Not just for home but it can easily be mounted over the rooftop of your SUVs, trailers, RVs, cars, boat, and for the tent to have it using under different scenarios relating to camping, traveling, and hiking.

This BougeRV 100W 18V 12V Flexible Solar Panel delivers you the best energy-producing source and makes you to not be dependent on the grid’s power all the time. It can withstand the harsh winter and the scorching summer, as the supported working temperature this solar panel can bear is up to -40C to +85C. While its overall weight is merely 2.6 KGs or 5.73 lbs that makes it fully portable. Take care of the BougeRV 100W flexible solar panel and use it for a long period.


2) BougeRV 2PCS 100W 18V 12V Flexible Solar Panel


Why purchase one when you can have 2 pieces of BougeRV 100W 18V 12V flexible solar panel with affordable price for heavy usage. Going for family trips, the one solar panel may not suffice and the two units running with the same power and rating, that cuts down all the hurdle of having different pieces of equipment and the precautions which can ruin the taste of enjoying the trips.

Easy to mount on RVs, boats, cars, SUVs, tents, and more by fixing up using the 3 in-design metal reinforced mounting holes as well. The bendable and frame-less design, these 2PCS of 100W BougeRV can feel and bear most of the corrosion and damages the environment brings. The cells of this BougeRV 100W come with the feature of providing the higher-than-average efficiency of 23 percent to 25 percent with the implied blocking diode which prevents the reversal of the current drain during the night.

BougeRV panels are made with ETFE films that increases the lifetime of the unit. Weighs only about 5.73 lbs or 2.6 KGs per panel to take it anywhere you go and run your basic appliances running without interrupting throughout the day. Now, run your powerhouse using the BougeRV 2PCS of 100W solar panels and start witnessing the huge decrease in your electricity bill. Let the sunshine convert into the power source.


3) BougeRV 18V 50W Flexible Solar Panel


For your limited power usage, you need something like BougeRV 18V 50W flexible solar panel unit at your disposal. Best used for charging your laptops, smartphones, and other small and basic but necessary appliances to keep them powered on.

Going anywhere with your relatives to spend a good time in summer on nearby lakes or the forest, this compact solution of 50W BougeRV solar panel is your true savior to provide you power source that is kind of impossible to have in such situations and is not less than a blessing. Place it close to your chair talking and spending time with your cousins, you know this flexible 50W solar panel from BougeRV is providing the power to your most electrical appliances.

With the increased size of strands connected through the cells for enough strength and the added thickness placed on the surface and the bottom around the solar panel that increases the power as well as extending the life to protect the cells’ breaking when it is put on the use. Mountable over the rooftop of many vehicles, camps, and tents for the effective and easy access to the power source that ensures to produce power during the time of sunlight shining over the head. This compact-sized and inexpensive power source to get the power rating of up to 50W to enjoy using your basic appliances at the time where nothing is available.




Now is the time to run through the comparison part to compare the three/3 reviewed BougeRV solar panels. While BougeRV 100W 18V 12V Flexible Solar Panel falls under the category of one good power-alternative solution with a power rating of 100W to gain access to enough power at an affordable price.

The second solar panel double units of BougeRV 100W 18V 12V that can be used when on the outing and surrounded by the large gathering where everyone requires access to power.

And the third unit of BougeRV 18V 50W Flexible Solar Panel is indeed the small of the BougeRV solar panel but is sufficient to have your most appliances powered up.

So, BougeRV 18V 50W Flexible Solar Panel does win the comparison part we have brought up but how can we imagine the type of need you come across. So, get to select your solar panel of BougeRV according to your demand and enjoy having the energy’s alternative always around you.



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