20 Must-have Glamping Accessories

Jul 19, '22

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Summer comes. What do you think first about summer? Swimming in the sea? BBQ Outdoor? Or, go for a summer trip? It’s exciting when talking about summer and camping. Outdoor lovers fanatic love camping because camping combines the outdoors with leisure and family gatherings rather than a simple popular summer outdoor activity.

If you love the outdoors and want to live in a comfortable environment, then maybe glamping is the trend right now. For many people, glamping has redefined the idea of a weekend in the wilderness and turned it into a luxury activity for the whole family.

Since you’re here to have a relaxing weekend getaway or a summer trip, we will show you a useful list of glamping accessories in this article to elevate your vacation to the next level.

What Is Glamping?

Glamping, a combination of the words "glamorous" and "camping," designates a form of camping that includes amenities and, occasionally, resort-like services that are not often connected with "classic" camping. Glamping is an upgraded way to experience stunning nature in a luxurious way.

What Is Special About Glamping?

Traditional camping may need you to take a tent or a sleeping bag to give you a place to rest at night and may require you to bring canned goods and ready meals. Some might think it's too burdensome to take so many things to the getaway. And some people choose to take traditional camping because they just want to explore nature and take adventures.

Glamping does not conflict with the benefits you enjoy from traditional camping, such as fresh air, freedom, and stunning natural surroundings. It can even make your trip more luxurious and comfortable, and it's addictive and easy to try and fall in love with for those who just want to explore the outdoors.

List For Camping Gear (A Luxury One In Fact!!)

This is the list for luxury camping, which makes your camping a makeover. Don't think these are unnecessary. Hey! It's glamping. Nothing is more important than your outdoor experience. With the list below, your camping can be luxury glamping with these glamping gears. Why not try something different sometimes?

Having some power packs is a necessary luxury glamping accessory, but solar-powered suppliers can help reduce the amount of wiring and gear you need to carry. When you're glamping, the less clutter, the better. Let it charge during the day and use it when plugging into the device at night. 

BougeRV 1100Wh portable power station is always ready. It can be your smart partner to charge for your phone or desktop. And it’s clean and more reliable than a diesel generator. A single charge can power your home and critical devices for up to 2 or 3 days.

Setting up solar power at your campsite will instantly transform your campsite into a fantastic haven. Take the solar panels everywhere you go and power up your trip. It will be one of your must-have glamping accessories.

BougeRV can provide you with all types of solar panels for you to take outside. We recommend you a foldable solar panel, which has high efficiency and is waterproof.

3. Minimal-style solar blanket

BougeRV Paso 100W Minimal Style Solar Blanket For Glamping

Except for solar panels, the solar blanket is an excellent alternative for generating reliable power for glamping. With our BougeRV Paso 100W solar blanket, you are free to run your electronic devices but also practice eco-friendly in your luxurious retreat amidst nature.

Made of high-efficiency CIGS solar cells, our Paso 100W solar blanket ensures you never run out of juice even you glamping in the shading places in the forest. Crack-resistant, super compact, and weighing only 2.2kg, it’s a breeze to carry, set up and connect your solar and LED Lanterns, entertainment electronics, batteries, power station, etc.

Embrace the glamorous camping with our cutting-edge solar blanket completed with sleek lines and minimal style next time! And share your breathtaking glamping on social media!

When you're packing for glamping, you'll, of course, need a portable fridge. These are glamping accessories to ensure your food and drinks stay fresh and in good condition. This accessory is very important, especially when you are outdoors. Due to the warm temperatures experienced during summer camping, you definitely do not want to indulge in hot food and drinks after a long hike. 

And you will also dont want to get wet when taking your drinks out of the container. Thats why we recommend you the portable refrigerator. BougeRV also provides some different quarts of refrigerators to meet your need.

portable refrigerator

BougeRV portable air conditioner for glamping and camping

When you go glamping, the outdoor air conditioner must be one of the worthy glamping accessories to enjoy luxury camping. You can enjoy the cool breeze in your tent and camping site. Pick an outdoor air conditioner to start your glamping!

6. Bell glamping tent

Bell tents are a wonderful choice for anyone looking to elevate their glamping experience. Most of them are waterproof and they are strong and long-lasting. In addition, bell tents are expensive because of their large design and characteristics. 

If a bell tent is made from organic canvas cotton, it will be expensive for the popular features and durability of the fabric. Usually, the bell tent costs $700-$2000, and prices vary for different brands and materials, etc.

7. Air mattress or camping pad

Make your glamping bed more comfortable with an air mattress or a high-quality camping pad. If you're glamping and not feeling comfortable, a high-quality air mattress will help. Seek for those feature strong built and convenient inflation and deflation.

8. Table cloth

A lovely blanket to throw over the picnic table supplied at most campsites should be on your list of boho camping essentials. A tablecloth can double as a picnic blanket. It quickly makes your campsite feel more welcoming. 

In addition, picnic benches can get filthy, so a tablecloth is a simple way to keep them clean. The secret is to buy an extra-large picnic blanket with a waterproof covering that can be washed in the washing machine.

9. Camping Lanterns

A luxury glamping campsite with camping lanterns

As the sun goes down and the moon rises, you'll need to see around your campsite. Lanterns are a tried-and-true camping gear that can do so much more than simply shine. Place your lanterns on a picnic table, side table, or straight on the ground for lighting that is as warm as the sun during the day. A solar-powered lantern is an excellent light source for any camping adventure. It’s eco-friendly and allows you to recharge during the day using the sunshine.

10. Glamping Chairs

When you're glamping, it's critical to have plenty of comfy seating alternatives. Comfortable glamping chairs to relax and watch the sunset are luxury camping gear that is well worth the investment. 

The most ideal options are the lightweight and easy-to-install ones. A camping chair with a deep-seated design is quite comfy. While you might prefer a reclining chair, a zero-gravity chair can bring you a peaceful and supportive glamping experience.

11. Hammock

Pass away hours of your day, rock yourself to sleep, or relax after the morning hike, a hammock is an essential item on the glamping list. They can be easy to set up and securely hung from the trees. If you want to laze with your family or loved ones, order a double-wide one. Most of the hammocks are easy to pack up to small, so they are easy to take wherever you are glamping! 

For setting up backyard glamping, we recommend that you can choose a hammock chair that hangs from a tree or a porch.

12. Glamping rugs

A glamping tent with glamping rug

There's nothing quite like adding some plush and snug vibes to your glamping experience with cozy camping rugs strewn throughout your tent. Faux sheepskin rugs are lightweight, easy to carry, and rolled up effortlessly. Just drape one over a camping chair and voilà! Your simple aluminum chair becomes a chic and glamorous seating option.

However, a sheepskin rug may be uncomfortable in the heat if you're camping in the summer. Instead, machine-washable cotton rugs are ideal for laying down next to or at the foot of your glamping bed.

13. Portable espresso maker

If there's one must-have item from this list, it's a portable espresso maker! For many glamping enthusiasts, coffee is an essential daily ritual. Sipping on a nice cup of espresso while glamping adds that extra touch of indulgence to the experience. Go for those that are lightweight, easy to carry, and can make a cup of frothy, tantalizing espresso. 

Besides, a portable espresso maker and portable power station are the perfect combinations for glamping. With the average espresso maker using 360 watts, you can run the coffee machine with  BougeRV Fort 1500 portable power station and enjoy a nice cup of coffee anytime during camping!

14. Portable stove & pot

Suppose you have already decided to take a portable refrigerator. Why not take a portable stove or pot with you? Knowing what to bring to your camping meal can be challenging. The portable camping stove gives you options that go far beyond the typical bean and trail mix. 

These glamping accessories make it easier and more fun to prepare meals without a kitchen. Portable stoves can help you boil water, cook in a pan, and keep food warm. You can take your favorite meal out to the woods and cook a storm that will make your trip truly memorable.

15. Portable campfire/fire pit

You might not be able to use a fire pit. So, what's the best alternative? A portable campfire in a can. Often made from recycled materials, this portable firepit burns for hours without smelly smoke or messy cleanup. Once you’re done, just smother the fire with the lid. 

Or, a portable fire pit is a great way to enjoy an evening outdoors with friends or family on your glamping trip. Plus, you can double it as a heater during cold nights. It is also very lightweight and portable, so you can take this glamping equipment anywhere with you.

16. Marshmallow roasting sticks

Marshmallow roasting sticks for glamping

You can't go camping without making artisan S'mores. Get some chocolate or try something new with bacon chocolate bars and a pack of gourmet marshmallows. Prepare your S'mores with extendable marshmallow roasting sticks. Marshmallow roasting sticks with wood handles can keep your hand away from the fire, and the metal section turns your marshmallows crispy.

17. Speaker

Speakers are another vital glamping accessory for having fun in your outdoor activities. Wireless speakers will keep you comfortable and engaged while camping by providing a complete sound system and high-quality music.

So carrying your speaker on a camping trip might keep you and the other campers entertained by playing and singing different songs. It can perform better when the nights come, you and your family gather around the fire to listen to leisurely music and enjoy family time.

18. Portable shower

You might not stay at the campground like KOA which has a nice shower house. So, do you jump into the nearby lake or river to take a shower? So, when glamping in a National Park or elsewhere without shower houses, a luxury portable shower is exactly what you want. And remember to take your shower pop-up tent for privacy on your glamping trips!

19. Bug spray

Exploring the outdoors is a must, especially in the summer forest, where mosquitoes are everywhere. These glamping accessories will help keep damn mosquitoes away while camping. Therefore, packaged bug spray can protect you from mosquito or other insect bites, especially when your camp is in natural forests.

20. First aid kit

A first aid kit is the first glamping accessory you pack when preparing for a camping trip. Even though luxury camping accommodations usually include these devices, you can still pack your own, which will help you overcome any potential emergencies that may arise while camping.

A first aid kit is always more important, especially if your trip involves hiking through America's national parks.


There are many ways to enjoy the comforts of home and even a little indulgence on your exploratory camping trip. Take this list and see what they can do for you. Outdoor adventure vacations are one of the luxury pastimes that many people engage in to have a great time.

As a result, glamping accessories is committed to providing you with the greatest service possible when camping in order to make your vacation more comfortable and pleasurable. Visit BougeRV to check what camping gears we can provide for your luxury camping trip!

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